Thursday, September 03, 2009

Don't Forget

Further adventures for the Roberts Family will now be found at See ya'll there!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This time seven years ago...

At exactly this time...11:04 p.m., 7 years ago, I had checked into Sacred Heart Women's Hospital in Pensacola, Florida and was receiving my first dose of Cervadil to begin the induction of our sweet baby girl, Clara. She was FOUR, count them, one, two three, FOUR days late (which is absolutely NO laughing matter when one is pregnant and overdue in AUGUST in FLORIDA!!!). I was miserable and so past ready to have her. Yet, Clara seemed to have missed the memo that her due date was even anywhere close at hand! I had not dilated....AT ALL. Not even effaced, like ANY. And yes...Clara was my THIRD baby. seemed, 4 days past my due date, as though Clara might never appear. And so the Cervadil was placed and we settled in to wait for 4 hours to see if it would help ripen things up at all so that we might begin the process of induction. 4 hours later, the nurse checked and the announcement was made that not only had things softened up, I had dilated to 4 centimeters! Well Hallelujah! The show was finally getting on the road! I was offered an epidural, which I gladly accepted, even though the contractions I was feeling were really quite bearable and fine. Within that next hour the anesthesiologist was called and the epidural was administered and we again settled in for the wait. I figured they could just wake me up when it was time to push. I was snuggling down for my beauty sleep! About 10 minutes after getting my epidural, my water broke and we sent for the nurse...just to be sure. She confirmed the water breaking and said it all looked good and mentioned that I was now at 7 centimeters. But not to get too riled up...I still had a long ways to go. We were basically told to pipe down and go back to sleep. So after chatting for a few minutes Chris and I did settle down to be quiet and go to sleep. Only...about 5 minutes later I had this strong sense of pressure...which I denied. But only for a few moments. Chris AGAIN summoned the nurse, who at 4 something a.m. was really in no mood to play with the over anxious parents that we were obviously being. She was in the process of scolding us as she pulled back the blankets to check my progress once again...not 10 minutes since the last check...only to be brought up short by the appearance of a tiny head trying to make it's appearance in this world! My knees were quickly slammed shut and the nurse proceeded to stand there, in exactly that position for the next 10 minutes while they brought in the whole delivery setup and a doctor was snagged from someone else's delivery (not MY doctor I should add). When this random doc was in place at the foot of the bed I was told that I COULD give one little push if I liked...but before I could do so, Clara Elisabeth Roberts slipped into this a hurry...unwilling to wait for my assistance in the whole delivery process. She had a head full of red hair and weighed in at a whopping 8 pounds, 0.3 ounces. She was beautiful beyond words. Chris and I found ourselves with this beautiful little angel of a girl in our arms and we were just in awe of the blessing that had been bestowed upon us. She was so very perfect. Every tiny finger accounted for. And every tiny toe. Her was so long and girly...she was simply exquisite. And so is with fond memories and great excitement that I reflect on the baby girl she was and the little princess she is baby girl turns seven in 33 minutes! Happy Birthday Clarabelle!

Transitioning's a time of transitioning for sure. From here to there, from west to not so west, from relaxed and laid back flip flop land to the land of southern roots and hospitality. Yes...lot's of transitions for sure. And with that comes the transitioning of the blog! You will be able to follow the Roberts family through all of their new adventures in Texas by heading on over to And THAT'S where you will find us and all of our shenanigans happening! Lone Star we come!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Clock is Ticking

We are counting down the days now for departure from Tucson. I spent the week calling all of our various utilities and having things scheduled to transfer out of our name. The kids were withdrawn from school (before everyone went back) and lots of phone calls were made on the Texas end. The packers are set to come a week from tomorrow and they will load the truck in 10 days! We will begin our drive that same night. Of course, there is SO much to be done and I find this week the hardest of them all. Most of my phone calls for shutting things off have already been made. So there is less to do move-wise. No...this is the week of "lasts". Last playdates. And last workouts with friends. Last lunches and last Starbucks chats. Last bodycombat classes (Grrrr I'm going to miss those the most!) and last chances to drink in the gorgeous views of my mountains all around me. I took my last pictures for clients this week. The "lasts" are the hardest. You can live in denial up to a certain point about life. Pretend you aren't moving...or that you aren't moving for a really long time. But when it gets down to those last few days, it gets tough! This week we will be celebrating Clara's 7th birthday and with that will come a party of a whole gaggle of little girls! And one sweet last visit amongst girlfriends. My sister is coming down from Phoenix to spend a few days with us. One last visit before we are WAY more than a quick hour and a half drive away. I have found that if I focus on the lasts I quickly get weepy and overwhelmed. So I am TOTALLY living in denial right now. Treating everyone as though I will just as surely see them next week and the next week and the week after that. That works better. As excited as I am about moving to Texas...and I AM excited...I also know that my 4 1/2 years here in the desert have been the happiest years of my entire life I think. We have had the BEST friends and great schools and the most amazing adventures in travel ever! It has been too lovely for words. I don't know of any place anywhere with nicer people than those I've met here in the desert. Fantastic friends, and doctors and dentists. I love my bank and the bankers in it. I ADORE my work out buddy (where in the HECK am I going to find someone who works out like I do and pushes me to work out the things I conveniently skip when she's not around?!) and I adore the majestic mountains here. More than once I've wondered why in the heck we are leaving this stunningly gorgeous place. But then I think of the amazing opportunity that this is for Chris. I mean...amazing. And he's already so much happier there doing what it is that he does. And then I think of green grass and tall shady trees. And I think of how neat a place Dallas is (according to practically EVERY person I've talked to). And I think of the AMAZING and awesome and gorgeous and HUGE house I'm heading to...and I just get all excited all over again. It's an emotional yo-yo for sure! It helps that the kids are all OH so excited. Doubly excited I think because they have not seen the house and have spent the last 2 weeks trying to imagine what it might look like and be like. They are excited about new schools and new friends. Clara is CRAZY excited about being able to ride the school bus this year. Lots to anticipate and look forward to on their end! And so...the countdown continues. A few more days. A few more bodycombat classes. A few more lunches and coffees and gatherings with friends. And then we are off! Yes. The clock is definitely ticking!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Working out Life

Well, it's officially announced and out in the world now. The Roberts family is moving to Texas! We are so excited and are embracing the move with open arms. There are SO many details and things that need to be worked out. As the Dallas realtor told me the other day, when one eats an does it one bite at a time! And that's how we are getting it all thing at a time! Our house is up for sale and we are hoping it won't take too too long to sell. As soon as that elephant is out of the way, we can choose a new one in Dallas and start working out all of the logistics of moving. In the meantime, the kids and I are chilling at the beach this summer. And can I just say...THIS is the life. I slip out each morning about 7:30 a.m. because that's when I wake up, and I hit the beach for a 5 1/2 mile walk in the sand. It's a GREAT workout. Then I come home, brew up some coffee and a simple breakfast of oatmeal or toast and eggs and we decide what we will do with the day. The decision process usually goes something like..."should we go to the beach, and then the pool? Or the pool and then the beach?" There are tons and tons of kids here and we seem to find friends wherever we are. We generally spend two to three hours on the beach, then grab some sandwiches for lunch. We might read for an hour or so and chill, then hit the pool for an afternoon swim. Then everyone grabs hot showers and we grill up something yummy for dinner. Then there is always lots of bike and scoooter riding with the hundred other kids that are here in the park. Then, around 10 p.m. each night they all beg to bed since they are so tired. And we sleep like the dead...only to wake up and do it all over again. Life is GOOD on the beach. I have gotten more reading done in the past 10 days than I have in probably a whole year. It's been divine. Lots of playing and relaxing and relaxing and playing. And it's SO much easier having the kids here than at home. The house is staying nice and clean for the realtors to show it...I LOVE that little detail. That in and of itself is a just a huge relief and is saving me tons and tons of stress. I AM missing my gym time...not that I'm not getting exercise. But I do miss the friends there and the push I get from them to go that extra mile. And I miss having my hubby around all week. He's there working in Tucson while I frolic on the beach. Life hardly seems fair that way. I would feel really REALLY guilty about it if our house were not on the market. That is the one solace of thought that I have. It is much better for us to be here as far as keeping the house neat and clean!!!

Our Max will turn 13 tomorrow. Our first teenager! WOW!!! Where did 13 years go? It's so hard to believe we've had him for that long! Ben will be hot on his heels. I'm kind of glad we have a few years break before Clara hits her teenage years...although she often times acts like a bratty teen now. We did most of our birthday celebrating this weekend for our Max. While Chris was here we took Max to see the new Transformers movie and then out for pizza...his favorite (wonder where he gets that?!). Then this morning we took him out to breakfast and had the most delicious cinnamon rolls ever!!! I got him the video game he has been hot after for a couple of months. And I look forward to a nice, quiet, peaceful day of relaxing tomorrow with my new teenager!

I guess that's all the real update for now. Just taking in the sand and the surf and enjoying this fantastic life. What blessings have been bestowed on our family. God has been so amazingly generous with us. Life is good.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Figuring Out Life

Okay...the same situation that had the biggest smile on my face EVER last Tuesday night has my tummy rather upset and unsettled tonight. SO much to be doing...and yet...none of it can be done. So many details to wade through...and yet not one teensy step can be taken.'s enough to make a girl crazy! I am SO not a woman of patience. I want to be. i wish that I was. Truly I do. But when God was handing out patience....I think I must have been in the boob line...again! Because Lord knows I've got PLENTY of those! But very little or no patience. Sigh. It makes life quite difficult at times like this. Ten million thoughts swirling through my brain are challenging my sleep patterns right now. And I'm not so good without sleep! Chris is in Tucson now....he had to go back to work. And I am here on the beach in San Diego with the kids enjoying a bit of paradise. And it truly is dreamy and wonderful. There is honestly not ONE thing I have to be doing right now. The greatest challenge in my life right now will be rounding up some quarters so that I can do some laundry later this week....and that's about it! Quite a change from the life routine I am accustomed to running! I have to say that it is a real relief to have stepped away from the photography business for a while. And a huge relief to have stepped away from Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep and all of my duties as a coordinator...THAT is a huge relief. And I am so enjoying watching my children play day in and day out in the sun and sand all day. They fight so much less when they are away from the t.v.s and video games. They are borderline delightful at times like this! And I needed to see them be delightful. After this school year with's been a tough one for's nice to be delighted when watching them. And Ben....what a sweetheart he can be. So sweet with his sister and so helpful here...he's a dream kid. And Max is just easier to take all around right now. He's fun and witty and keeps me entertained. Clara chats at me almost constantly....some things never change! But she's pretty busy here and I'm not her sole source of entertainment most of the time...and that's so nice. I need to relax and enjoy my time here in paradise for sure. I am quite certain that I will not be here least no time soon!'s hard to just relax and stop the thoughts that are swimming so crazily through my head right now. On the one hand I want to freeze time and my life as I know it exactly the way it is. On the other..I am very frustrated that I cannot plunge headlong into my new life and start making decisions and committments....It's making me crazy. The division. As I sit here tonight I am so thankful for my very level headed hubby who is taking this all in stride. Who is so patiently putting up with his neurotic wife who wants all the answers YESTERDAY. Did I mention that I am not overly gifted in the patience department?! Sigh***** Life may not be moving along exactly as I thought or planned...but it's my life...and I'm thankful for it and for the opportunities that have come our way. Lord, please grant me the patience now to DEAL with it!!!! And like...NOW! Amen.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Sometimes I simply have to smile at what life deals me. What might have left me shaking in my boots a few years back leaves me grinning from ear to ear today! I feel like God has really smiled on me and my family SO amazingly here lately and tonight I have the biggest smile on my face and much excitement bubbling up in my heart! SO much that I am finding it difficult to wind down and go to sleep! And that's too bad...because my crew leaves out early tomorrow morning for San Diego! A MONTH on the beach! That's right! How exciting is THAT???!!!! The camper is parked out front and is MOSTLY loaded. There are a few small things yet to go...but for the most part, clothes are all loaded and we are pretty much ready! I can't wait to lie on the beach and smell the salty air. I am so looking forward to my long 4 mile morning walks on the beach...and just being away in Paradise with my kiddos! Ahhhhh....sometimes life is just too good!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Birds and Blooms

Well, one bloom! But it is truly gorgeous. Another of God's miracles in this crazy, thorny desert. I noticed our bloom getting ready to open tonight and followed it all the way through the process! SO amazing how these open with the sunset and are there in all their stunning glory at NIGHT where noone really sees or enjoys them. Little secrets of the night....perched atop their thorny thrones. I always count it a special blessing and treat to catch this cactus in action! It's a one night and one night only appearance. Here's the bloom...and a busy birdie in action!